We THE CREATOR’S CREATION, are manufacturer of packaging boxes and other allied packaging products for many major brands in the market. Established in 1997, the company is catering to various industries that includes: Car Accessories, Cosmetics, Electronics, Electrical, Food & Beverages, Garments, Pharmaceuticals, Sanitaryware, Mineral Water to name a few.

We are manufacturing printed mono cartons with post printing treatments like lamination, varnish and spot UV coating, hybrid UV coating, texture UV coating etc.

We specialize in providing holographic(metpet) packaging that reduces the risk of duplicacy to almost 100%.We are also making corrugated mono and master cartons.We have more then 37600 sq. Feet work space in our premises. Apart from packaging, the company also has a comprehensive Graphic Design Studio and Computer Lab that offers other products like brochures, catalogues, posters, flyers, stickers, labels, insertions, manuals, tags and other promotional materials for packing or self promotion. TCCR® equipped with complete in house production facilities of Offset Printing ( Two 6/c + coater , two 4/c, one 2/c), Hot & Cold Lamination, Full U.V., Spot U.V., Hybrid U.V. Aquaeos coating, Automatic flute laminator, Three high speed corrugation with Automatic slitting & cutting, two automatic Die punching (Bobst), automatic side gluer with crash lock bottom. We ensure quality and service while
maintaining secrecy of the product and our client.

Our mission is to build a relationship of mutual trust and lead your business strategy to success, in the enviroment of global markets including India.We at TCC,  have accumulated abundant experience in the packaging industry in India , taking advantage of this we will propose an optimal form customised with a reasonable price for company packaging and advertisement needs..